Our Partners

Magic Bean Farm has grown to include many partners, from other urban farmers to drop off location hosts thanks to generous, local-minded restaurants like Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe and Eat Local.  We’ve had help from many along the way, and continue to get help from many, including our own subscribers!  Our long time subscriber Melody has generously contributed to the farm not only resources but home crafted recipes!

Our farm now includes other farmers wanting to make a difference in the world, and those we are helping make a difference in their lives.  Mikhaila Gonzalas of Delridge Sub-Acres and Christina Hahs of Grey Sky Farm are major urban farming partners of Magic Bean Farm.  We’ve also worked other urban farmers like City Kid Farms.  And we have helped the immigrants that Seattle Tilth is helping through their Farm Incubator Program to give them the opportunity to grow local, ecological farms.

Magic Bean Farm is thankful for all the community support we have received!