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Soon learn about vegetables, cooking, and our newsletters.  But for now, you can learn about our methods:

I’m Josh, and this is your farm…

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Magic Bean Farm is small, hand managed, and better than organic. Biological and mineralizing methods build life within the soil and above to nurture healthy land and healthy plants. No chemicals are used. No GMO’s are grown.

Natural minerals are added to bring the soil to optimum mineral balance, and in turn build the mineral level in the food. Trace elements are added for their great importance both to the plants themselves and our own health. Their small quantity contributes great impacts.

Soil is innoculated with spores and microorganisms that will build a healthy soil and contribute food and mineral availability to the plants, not to mention better soil structure and pest protection! Healthy plants resist pests and diseases better without external aids like sprays so ubiquitous on the unhealthy plants of “conventional” agriculture. Healthy plants have defenses, immune systems in their vitamins and their physical structure that make them unappetizing to pests and resistant to disease and fungal infection, just like humans. And to make things better, what the plant produces to protect itself in turn are exactly what humans need in vitamins and other compounds. Combine that with greater mineral uptake, and wider array of minerals, and you have truly nourishing food!

Soil life and plants build the soil here, developing organic matter and humus while organisms in the soil break down minerals for plants to feed on. Innoculants aid in keeping populations of desirable microbes and fungi plentiful, especially in the beginning. Copious amounts of plant roots along with a little energy food keep the soil life growing.

Nearly every inch of soil is covered with living plants. Some are crops, but many are cover crops planted to build soil, provide for soil life, and to provide for life above the soil in beneficial insects and others. The huge amounts of foliage in addition to crops provides lots of habitat and nectar for the many beneficial insects and other life forms. These life forms, including numerous little jumping Pacific Tree Frogs, help manage any pests that may arise without resorting to chemicals.